OnSpec xSil 146 ATA to Flash Media Controller



The xSil 146 provides a low cost and low component solution to connect IDE host to industry standard flash memories and open standards like CF, SD and SD HC etc. For any custom support, contact us.

OnSpec offers reference designs, firmware, drivers, and manufacturing test software to make product development easy. OnSpec’s patented technology provide optimum throughput and superior flash media compatibility.


  • 128-pin 16mm x 16mm LQFP package

  •  Built-in oscillator

  •  Serial port

  • Two General Purpose Timers

  • Watchdog Timer

  • 16 bit RISC Processor

  • Internal RAM for firmware enhancements and data transfer

  • Internal ROM contains BIOS and Application code.

  • Serial EEPROM for firmware enhancements for Flash media

  • Optimum hardware controlled transfer for speed and scalability

  • Supports up to IDE PIO mode 4 and UDMA mode 5 data transfer on Host side.

  • Supports up to IDE PIO mode 6 and UDMA mode 5 data transfer on Device side.

  • Supports ATA protocol


 Ordering Information

Part Number



xSil 146-LF

Lead free package for ATA to industry standard flash memories.

128 LQFP Lead Free

(RoHS Compliant)


Technical and Design-in Information

Contact: sales@siliconapps.com

Design Support ( OnSpec Engineering to review if supported and can provide these services.)

  • Card Manufacturer Compatibility Testing (Software Release Notes)

  • Four Layer Board Reference Design, BOM, Schematic and Gerber

  •   Flash Media Association Contact List


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US Pat. 5841424, 6438638, 6832281, 6859361, 6859369
Taiwan Pat. I 222564
Other Foreign & US Patents Pending


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